Enrich the soil- Organic Matter is the Key to Soil Fertility

Original Source: Farming Online

Farmers and industry are invited to come along to a day of discussion on improving the fertility of soils with an emphasis on organic matter and soil biota.

The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) is running eight events across the East of the country looking at the importance and benefits of organic matter.

Organic matter has the potential to provide many beneficial effects as well as neutralise some of the negative effects often seen in modern agricultural systems.

Ranging from improved water retention, better drainage, resistance to compaction, improved soil workability, greater nutrient uptake and weed control – improving soil organic matter on farm can help producers become more resilient to the increasing challenges they are faced with.

David Gardner, CEO of RASE said: “Soil organic matter, or the lack of it is a serious issue on many farms. These events aim to raise awareness of the benefits of organic matter for all the above benefits.”

“Volatile weather patterns and blackgrass are real problems that the industry needs to address. Correcting our soils is the first step towards this.”

Whether it is through the use of green manures, changing rotations, reintroducing livestock or planting cover crops there are numerous ways in which to increase soil organic matter. The pros and cons of all these will be discussed in depth on the day.

Places are limited to nine people per event, so book early to avoid disappointment. The one-day course will be run at the following venues:

13th January 2014 – Newark Showground

21st January 2014 – Suffolk Showground

27th January 2014 – East of England Showground

3rd February 2014 – Norfolk Showground

7th February 2014 – Lincolnshire Showground

10th February 2014 – East of England Showground

12th February 2014 – Lackham College

21st February 2014 – Kent Showground